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Multimedial podiums

Stylish design, high power, durable,
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What is multimedia podium Pro - Mentor

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  • Do you want elegant design instead of ugly old lecterns?
  • Do you want effective use of digital devices for presentations, conferences and e-learning?
  • Do you want intuitive control from one spot?
  • Do you want lockable, mobile solution of presentation device?
  • Pro-Mentor offers you:

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    Easy control

    Simply turn on by touching one button and control all device in room.

    All in one

    Multimedial podiums can countain any built-in AV devices.


    Whole system is protected from vandalism.

    Easy control 7" screen

    Simple control all devices from one spot of your presentation room.

    Elegant design with mobile sollution.

    Modern, solid a style attractive design. You can move podium to another place.

    Interactive SWEdupen PRO free.

    With interactive software, which you can download from our website.here.

    Pro-Mentor eguipment

    E-Podiums aren’t just a body and tablet monitor. It takes specialized equipment in order to smoothly operate the multitude of AV equipment in the connected classroom. Learn more about the components that go into to each e-Podium from AHA, and how they can improve your experience.

    Technický list

    Technical data sheet

    pdf file for download

    Podium components

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    Wireless Receiver

    AWM-U92 is built-in receiver to wireless microphones in the body of podium. Frekvency 925.0MHz ~ 932.0MHz. Wireless MIC have 32 channels.

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    Power Distributor

    It requires a lot of power to run a controller, amplifier, wireless receiver, computer, and other equipment you might use. The APD-600 ensures each of them is powered correctly, and offers a convenient way to manage all of their cables. Found in: Alfa, Beta

    img_0307_08_02.jpg, 16kB

    Digital Amplifier

    The AMX-3030D accepts audio inputs by RCA, or 1/8” and ¼” TRS jacks. A powerful 280W output (140W + 140W stereo) is powerful enough to be heard in any classroom, lecture hall, or conference centre. Found in: Alfa, Beta

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    Multi Controller AMC-7000

    The AMC-7000 is the brains of the operation. Connected to the 7 inch LCD touch pad, this controller allows you to switch between video sources, control audio levels, set the level of projection screens, and control lighting or air conditioning systems. Found in: Alfa, Beta

    img_0307_01.jpg, 4,4kB

    Multi Controller PPA-7000 a PPA-6000

    The PPA-6000 is the Swiss army knife of e-podium operation. It integrates the power distributor, audio amplifier, wireless receiver, and controller into one unit. The PPA-6000 is a simplified tool for switching between video and audio sources, and controlling volume levels. Found in: Delta, Alfa (optional)

    Overvie of digital podiums

    Pro-Mentor ALFA

    ALFA-1.jpg, 98kB

    The ALFA combines the latest in technology and security to create a podium that improves not only the experience of a room, but the building itsALFA. With dual screens, the presenter can more easily manage contents and create seamless transitions. It’s possible to secure the ALFA through RFID recognition so only registered users may use the system. The ALFA’s RMS capabilities also allow for remote control and monitoring of connected devices. In buildings with more than one lecture hall, this makes it possible to control all rooms from one location.

    Preis pro Set: 3.663
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  • Modern design, light model with black pieces
  • Two touch monitors with resolution 1920x1080 full HD
  • Weight only 7 kg allows simple movement
  • Supported OS XP / Vista / Linux / MAC
  • Touch control (two touch pen/finger)
  • Interactive sw Edupen for free
  • 7" control display
  • Control of projection screen, projector etc.
  • You can plug and support all multimedial devices
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    Pro-Mentor BETA

    BETA-1.jpg, 98kB

    If you’re searching for a podium that commands the audience’s attention, look no further. The BETA is our most popular and most proven model. It´s large size and durable structure makes it stand out in lecture halls and conference centers throughout the world. Boasting a fully integrated A/V system, the BETA is sure to have the audience in tune with your lecture or presentation.

    Preis pro Set: 4.705
    More informations
  • Very interesting design - steel and wood
  • LCD monitor with resolution 1366x769
  • Supported OS XP / Vista / Linux / MAC
  • Digital Amplifier AMX-3030D
  • Touch control (two touch pen/finger)
  • Interactive sw Edupen for free
  • 7" control display
  • Control of projection screen, projector etc.
  • You can plug and support all multimedial devices
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    Pro-Mentor GAMA

    GAMA-1.jpg, 98kB

    A stylish design with a multitude of hardware options available. The GAMA can be made using any components or monitor size you require. With a simple and modern look, the GAMA provides a high-quality link to multimedia devices in any environment.

    Preis pro Set: 4.121
    More informations
  • LCD monitor with resolution 1366x769
  • RMS available as an option.
  • Compatible with all operating systems, multimedia, equipment and teaching materials.
  • Simplistic, clean design.
  • Weight only 70 kg, easy move on wheels
  • Edupen Pro interactive software included.
  • Supported OS XP / Vista / Linux / MAC
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    Pro-Mentor DELTA

    DELTA-1.jpg, 98kB

    The DELTA is our newest podium. Designed to accommodate a range of users, its height can be adjusted electronically to suit presenters when seated or standing. The simple laptop interface allows for users to connect and easily switch between presenting material from their own devices, or from a dedicated computer. The DELTA’s adjustability and front storage compartment make it a sleek, simple and stylishly efficient podium.

    Preis pro Set: 3.663
    More informations
  • Touch control (two touch pen/finger)
  • Interactive sw Edupen for free
  • You can adjust the podium up to 15 cm
  • Ergonomical design
  • 22" LCD monitor with resolution 1920x1080
  • Weight only 50 kg, easy move on wheels
  • Supported OS XP / Vista / Linux / MAC
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    Pro-Mentor EPSILION

    smartium-1.jpg, 98kB

    New digital podium. First on market with 42" displey 4K UHD. You can turn display up to 90° and use it like multitouch interacive table. Enjoy modern way of presentation!

    Preis pro Set: 5.621
    More informations
  • Shelves for books and another equipment
  • 3x HDMI in, 3x HDMI out
  • You can turn display up to 90° and use it like multitouch interacive table.
  • First digital podium with 42" displey 4K UHD.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Touch sensitivy like smartphone, multitouch
  • Sound
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    Dotations EU

    You can use some EU programs to partly finance purchace of digital podiums, please contact us.

    Technický list

    Program školicí střediska

    Soubor ke stažení ve formátu PDF

    Inovation digital podiums

    Pro-Mentor is a open system of digital podiums, which are developed and inovated according to what users wants. Define your needs and we are ready to satisfy you.

  • Do you miss any function on digital podiums?
  • Do you need to change something on digital podiums?
  • We are ready to comunicate with you and reach your demands.

  • Contact us.

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